Art for the people!, 2011


Who needs art? Where art is needed strongly? What role art represents now in society and life? Art for the people -piece was built upon these guestions.

At the September 2011 there was hudreds of applications spread out in Turku. With this action I was looking for the people who would need art for their life, and who weren't able to have art for different reasons. In the applications people would answer for these kind of questions:  What is the definition of good life? Where art is needed? If you would be  a piece of art, what kind of piece you would be? Why and where would you need art?

There was hundrets of applications returned. Somebody was old homeless, who had just started his new life and wished to have something to remind the new start. Some were ill, some were poor, some had just wokened up to realize that  "Art may be good thing, I guess there is power to really chainge somebodys life with the art.", and they needed support for this awakenin' moment.

On the same time more than 100 well-known finnish artists were contacted to ask if they would like to attend Art for the people -piece, by giving one of their own pieces to the project.

On Saturday 19.11. 2011 there was a big tent builded on the main Marketplace. Inside the tent there were 72 packed art-pieces. All the art receivers, people chosen by their applications, were put in order and asked to arrive to tent on certain time. One by one they would enter to the tent and choose one packed art-piece by random. There would be 5 minutes to do this and inside the tent there would be a co-helper, somebody to talk to.

All the pieces were documented, and some of the homes were visited after one month in order to see and talk again about the art and it's role in society.

The 30 min long documentary film can be seen under (in Finnish).

Every piece had personal story and greetings from the artist

Inside the tent before the first participator

Outside the tent conversations about meaningfull life

Behind the tent people are interviewed and pictured with their piece

Inside the tent the first people has receiver her random-piece selected by intuition

Art for the people -pictures from homes: