Bus travel -art, 2011


This experiment to create pictures by the movements of the bus hit me accidentaly at the autumn 2004, when I travelled weekly between Helsinki and Turku (164 km distance). It was useless to try to write notes on the paper, at the end the last syllabes of the word would be always found from my pats because of the bus movements. Therefore I decided not to pressure the situation for some other form, but instead just see where it would lead me.

At 2011 my life was dedicated to make European Capital Turku a bit better place than it usually was. As I had decided to direct concepts that would open the possibilities to use the city and it's structures in more creatively way, and since the citizens are commonly known pretty inward looking — and since on the same time there is quite a big challenge to make people feeling not so alone, the bus travel -art was born.

Boxes were next to the seats.

Just put your pen on the paper and see where the moving bus is taking the line.

In this piece 100 boxes were installed to local busses for a week. In the busses people could spend their time by the travel art, to see what kind of piece the line and busses shakes creates. After finishing and naming the piece, they would fullfill a letter for an unknown citizen behind the card. Those card would be delievered to the random letterboxes and people, located in the areas where there are people living alone, during the Valentines day 2011.


Trip to the space.

A woman.

At the Valentines Day volunteers for the action gathered, and nearby 1000 art pieces for unknown citizens were delievered on the random homes. The places and buildings were chosen by statistics, most of the places would be small one-room -apartments for students or elderly people's apartmets at the assisted living buildings.