Parade Carpet for the wasteland, 2011


It all started when my dog escaped to old prison area, located to central Turku, at the springtime 2010. The prison itself had moved two years earlier to new buildings away from city centrum, and the old area, built 150 years ago, was empty.

This beautiful area wasn't open for public, and it was planned to keep closed until it would had been constructed and fullfilled with new apartment buildings. I didn't think that would be fair for the citizens, as Turku was already known as the city that has destroyed most of the central historical buildings at the 1960's until 1980's. Indeed we had this phrase "Turku Sickness", that would mean any old house destroyed anywhere in Finland because of the power of money and "gentleman clubs".

And when thinking about certain trends in urban planning, I felt there should be something to do in order to give permission to people to climb up on the hill and secondly make them think what they actually would like to experience over here.

The red parade carpet was weaved by 1059 people in ten different places around Turku area. The carped made 420 meters long path on the hill, leading people trough fences and behind corners. It ended up on the view, that most of people would have known it is there, but had never been able to experience that by themselves. At the end of the path there would be a "guestbook" with several guestions, in order to make people dream.
In those three weeks the installation was on, there had been over 10 000 visitors. The dreams and guestbooks has been delievered to the urban planning office.