Return of the tramlines, 2011

The first tramline was set up to Turku, the old capital of Finland, at 1890. At the 1972 all was teared off and chainged to busses. People cried, but the board of city goverment had made their decision. People had the feeling there was corruption going on.

From time to time the guestion of returning the tramlines raises up. It seems it's the biggest tragedy for Turku, it raises up feelings even stronger than being EX-capital of Finland.

At  2011 I was helding in Turku a concept called "Art Clinic", where who ever person or a group wanted, could attend —I would create and direct a piece for the person or group based on their interest and tasks. The aim was to give voice for citizens and encourage them to be proactive people rather than passive groaners.
When TAAG (Turku's Academic Amatour Grillers), a group of mathematicians and engireers who loved the grill-season, came in, the tramlines started to wake up.


Why were the tramlines removed? What memories do the citizens have of them? On Thursday, 19th of May, the TAAG drew all three tramline routes back in one night. Town government records, discussion of tramlines in discussion forum, poems dedicated to the tramlines and memories were also heard as part of the performance.

The piece started from the first terminal point of line 1 in the harbour of Turku 20.15 pm. Line 2 took place between Nummenmäki and Korppoolaismäki. The 15,7 km long, meditative performance finished at the market square, on the terminal point of line 3 at 03.27 am.

There were several discussions held during the way. The strongest one I remember was by midle-aged man at the nearby the market place:" If they just make a decision to return the trams back, I'll go and by the season-ticket already now!".