Short bio

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There is only two ways to see the world: either that it is very interesting or that it's not very interesting. Albert Einstein

Meiju Niskala (born 1978, Finland) is director, performance artist and writer, who has worked in public spaces since 2000. Her pieces  has a strong participation role, most of them are built with people in devising way. Her pieces creates discussions about authority and responsibility, gives force for citizen, builds bridges between citizens and public servants and makes statemets about the different roles of art and artist in society.

Besides doing urban art she is also known by her site-spesific workbooks for adults. Since 2001 she has worked as lecturer and teacher at the main art universities in Finland, and for the past few years she is know as speaker and workshop -holder in different seminars that touches the societal, democracy, urbanism and creativity issues.

She has studied live art and devising theatre in the Art Academy of Turku  and  interactive narration and new media at The Art and Design University in Helsinki, Finland.

In 2011 she was honored with two awards; The Finland Art-price was granted by Cultural Minister Paavo Arhinmäki, and The Aesthetic-price granted by Finland's Aesthetic  Society.

As once said by Kirby Cook:" The urban art is the storngest democracy that lays in the public space, especially for the people who lives around those spaces."

The most happy people are those, who gives their talents for the others advantage. Aristoteles