The experiental city consult, 2008-2012

Where one can find the most suprising, romantical experiences in the city, or the best places and moments to lose the sense of time? What are the elements that creates firming, reckless, hilarious, scary, crystal clear, unclear or tendering experience? How do we commit to the place we live and how to re-do the routines?

The experiental city consult -piece was born as a performative variation for few years earlier published You are here -books (2006, 2008), and it was created for the Helsinki Festival Weeks at 2008. Since 2008 it has tourned actively around Finland, altogether there has been hundrets of people attending to reception. Project official websites and blog (in finnish only) will be found here:
The piece itself is propably one of my best-known concepts and the most wanted to tour in different places from year to year.

This live art -piece happens in public space, and it's free for the user. Each consultation takes approximately 15-20 mins, and in each session user will fullfill a form where s/he describes her/his backround, and circles from the choises which kind of experiment s/he would need; unclear, artistic, firming, causing respect, strengthening the presence etc. After a short interview the Consult will give him/her a toolbox that includes 1-5 receipes for different experiences. After doing the exercises and experiments, users will be asked to report and share the documentation in the guestbook at the websites.

Alltogether there is more than 150 different experiments and exercises ( cloud psychoanalysis, active wondering, busstravel art, a bird ballet etc.). The main mission is to show the possibilities of urban space, life and give tasks for everyday performativity.

At the Consult's portable office there works also an assistant, who at the rush hours operates at take away-window and gives "consultation lite".