The Lace Veil on Pallivaha, 2011


One hundred years ago this was common knowledge everywhere: the best place for romantic picnic was huge Pallivaha-boulder, 4 km away from central Turku. As the years passed by, the forest around the rock growed and at the beginning of the new century the place was known only by the students of nearby school, some people from neightbourhoods and geology enthusiasts.


As it felt important to use the big marker and line up some hidden, special places for the European Cultural Capital year in Turku, this spot was choosed to be one place for actions. In July 2011 the 400 kg's heavy lace veil was ready with the help of volunteers, and it was ready to lay down on top of the boulder. Wiht this action the place was dedicated again for (romantic) picnic. For the next three weeks there would be free picnic-bags and maps offered to people in different locations around the city. When the school started and lace was taken carefully away, there was thousends of visitors that had written greetings in the guestbooks.

Public opening-picnik

Ps. Something especial happened during this piece. When the installation had been on a week, suddenly it was growing: people had brought their own laces (underwear) and attachted them to the original installation. This is something I'll remember with a warm heart for the rest of my life.